Thanks to Walk’n’Talk project you will be able to offer a new course and training materials which will enhance life quality of people at the age of 65 and above. With this course for senior people, the partners intend to reduce social barriers and foster social inclusion and participation. The seniors do not meet within but outside the classroom. This can be within their own surrounding or neighbourhood, which will be easier for the seniors living in big cities. But they can also meet outside the centre of their home towns, in nature. And while they are walking in small groups, they will learn about the interrelation between physical activity and active and healthy aging. Depending on the results of preceding surveys, the seniors might learn a new language, discuss local culture and history, traditions, use Apps, etc.

Who are we?

This project gathered an experienced European team of partners that will provide their skills in the development of the project by analysing and exploiting all the planned stages. Each and every partner has a vast experience in adult education and European projects, both nationally and internationally. They are absolutely committed to boosting adult and elderly mental and physical health by providing formal and non-formal learning courses of great quality by facilitating learning and knowledge improvement in many different areas.
Therefore, the consortium of the project has been created drawing particular attention to the expertise of each partner as well as taking into consideration the contribution of interesting aspects each partner could provide. The consortium consists of large and small educational institutions from Central-, North-, South and East-Europe, which are located in big and small cities as well as in rural areas. The close collaboration with partners from different parts of Europe will enhance the cultural competencies of the trainers who will be able to learn new methods that will allow them to gain knowledge and best practice for the benefit of the target group. All these factors together make the partnership and ideal one to make the most of this project.

  • Coordinated by:

– Volkshochschule Lingen gGmbH (VHS), Germany

  • Partners:

-Centre for the innovation and development of education and technology (CIDET), Spain

-Dachverband burgenländischer Frauen-, Mädchen- und Familienberatungsstellen (DAFF), Austria

-Sastamalan Opisto, Finland

-ProEduca z.s. (ProEduca), Czech republic

-Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza din Iasi (UAIC), Romania

-Archivio della Memoria (AdM), Italy

Project Aims

The first goal we want to reach with the development of this project is to encourage and empower the seniors who participate in the initial phase to use the new skills gained during the course. With this course that we offer, we intend to foster active and healthy aging by acquiring healthy habits in a non-formal learning setting.

  • Increasing mental and physical health
  • Fostering informal learning settings
  • Encouraging active aging

Why Walk’n’Talk?

Walk’n’Talk is actually a therapy that originated in the US in the 80s. This therapy combines talking and walking outdoors that was proofed to be an effective method to make retirement an active phase of life.
According to the demographic changes, people at the age of 65 and above, who have withdrown from the labor force, need to have the opportunity to stay healthy and active and watch life from a positive perspective as the chance for learning and enjoying. However, mental and physical health is necessary to increase quality of life. That is why taking part in Walk’n’Talk is a great chance to foster this overall health by means of taking advantage of its walks and talks through the inspiring nature with a group of people with the same needs and interests.
As the name of the project suggest, this course is not developed to be taught in a normal formal setting as it is a traditional classroom but to be given outside in the nature where senior will walk in small groups and talk – and learn while sharing experience, knowledge and interests.

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ERASMUS+ Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education.

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Walk’n’Talk Erasmus+ Project