Teaching on-line (using virtual environments) to senior learners is a challenging activity. Firstly, because students are required to have proficient skills in the information and communication tools. Moreover, senior citizens have different needs and motivations for learning, they usually want to be with other classmates, spend time with each other and receive and give support face-to-face. However, on-line learning provides huge benefits. Thanks to EHLSSA you will learn how to design and offer an on-line successful course for senior citizens.

The European project EHLSSA (European Home Learning Service for Seniors Association), promotes digital inclusion for senior citizens and supports the target group effectively and individually in becoming competent ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) users in society.  EHLSSA aims at facilitating the access to a lifelong training for senior citizens by means of the creation of an online platform adapted to be used from home.

The project intends to support and strengthen e-inclusion for seniors by offering new learning opportunities. Either in formal or informal settings, digital competencies provide seniors with skills that enhance individual empowerment and participation in society. In doing so, the project contributes to active aging in later life.

The European Home Learning Service (EHLSSA) will be established in five European countries (Finland, France, Germany, Ireland and Spain) with national and regional contact points. Our online courses will be offered from the beginning of 2017. In these courses, learners will be able to learn how to use the computer in all its facets (WordPad, Gmail, Internet, Skype, etc.). Moreover, two more courses will be available in May 2017, one of them devoted to health and another to European heritage.


3 main courses:

  • PC course
  • Health and Welfare
  • European Culture


The main expected project outcomes include:

  1. Development of 3 E-Learning Courses
    a. Are conceived and tailored to the learning needs of seniors in 5 European countries
    b. Include multimedia-enriched didactic elements
  2. Development of 1 Training Course for tele-tutors who support senior learners individually and intensively
  3. Development of the “EHLSSA Quality Chart” containing
    a. Key factors in providing online learning courses to seniors
    b. Guidelines for future course developments
  4. Establishment of the European Home Learning Service
  5. Establishment of the EHLSSA Association



Registration is free, you can contact the coordinator. If you have questions on the course program already or if you wish to be informed personally about the course start, please write a message to anne-marie.lipphardt@ili.fau.de.



European Erasmus+ Project EHLSSA