IMG_3129CIDET has just started the KA+ Strategic Parnership project “Guide for trainers. Beautiful Mind- Open Educational Resources in non-formal senior education” coordinated by the Center of Business Synergy in Lodz. In this project we are going to produce a e-course that will be based on pillars pillars for the growth and  awareness raise of the importance of psychological and physical well­ being of adult learners.

The three pillars (three units in the course) we will based on is on the psychological, the physical and the digital well-being. The first unit focus on the memory and cognitive skills, while the second wants to increase (or at least, try to maintain) physical capabilities, linking both units in what we could understand as “body and mind”. The third unit (the digital well-being) is aimed to to increase the ICT skills for digital inclusion, social participation and communication using the internet and computer, which will be very useful firstly to follow the e-course (and the two first learning units) but also as information and practises for trainers using ICT tools to adult learners.

Website of the project:

Beautiful Mind Project (KA2 Erasmus+)