In Europe, in 2060, for each person older than 65 will be less than two persons in working age (15-64) according to Eurostats forecast. Currently, the proportion is 1 older person by 4 working person. This could be seen as a demographical problem, but we prefer to see it as a challenge, that if it is correctly addressed, the huge quantity of the population over 65 will be not only useful in our society, being active and participative, but also, a fundamental part of the future society, collaborating with the youngers, transferring their knowledge and helping to build a new fairer and fruitful society.

On a Lifelong learning principle, where educational institutions promote educational activities focused on seniors, make possible that elderly to keep active, healthy, and socially participative. The learning is not only seen as a process to acquire new skills and competences, but also to promote an attitude and values towards integration, growth and participation.

The Beautiful Mind project; “Guide for trainers. Beautiful Mind- Open Educational Resources in non-formal senior education” is a KA2 Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership with reference 2014-1-PL01-KA204-003504. This project is founded from September 2014 to August 2016. If you want to know more, go to the website:

In Beautiful Mind project, we think that the health and well-being of the seniors is the first step for reach previous aims but from 3 main pillars, which are connected and act together as we consider that health and well-being is a state that can be promoted from three different initiatives: mind, physical, and social.


Three institutions have been collaborating to produce the manual based in their expertise in three different areas:

  • Center of business synergy: expertise on mnemonics and speed reading related to special education, career counseling, adult’s education and IT
  • Università delle Liberterà: non-formal and informal acquisition of healthy habits and costumes to increase seniors’ well-being
  • Centre for the innovation and development of education and technology: expertise on e-learning and the use of information and communication technologies to promote social integration and digital inclusion.


In the Beautiful Mind project we produced a manual and an on-line course that are useful for the institutions that train senior citizens, as we offered them from a very practical approach

  1. Each module makes an introduction that is used to justify and motivate the need of the learning unit
  2. After the introduction is made, we propose the trainer to organise and offer activities to the senior learners. To help trainers in these activities, scenarios and worksheets are provided. So it becomes easy the trainer to use or adapt any of the worksheet depending the specific aims and interest of the learner
  3. An on-line environment is offered, so trainers can collaborate, share, and help each other.

There are 3 modules with content linked among them

  1. Mnemonics and high speed reading
  2. Active Mind & Body
  3. The net-society

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